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Hall of Fame

Top 3

01.Power hour621:113
03.The Shady Crew422:453

Best of the rest

04.Perfect perfect326:002
05.Team Code 726:122
06.Farfam 626:311
07.Team 8 Ball Corner Pocket426:503
09.The Chamberlan Clan427:420
10.Team Matt A127:450
12.Code Killers 428:350
13.Team UFC228:543
14.Amanda’s 21st528:572
15.Team Lambert429:001
16.Beef Wellington 629:001
18.Team TNC529:531
20.Fabulous 4430:151
21.Bengay 530:190
22.Team Susan L430:211
23.Team C0D3 BR3AK3R5530:231
24.Team Roomies630:232
25.Unit 288630:230
26.Team Al O430:260
27.The Jigalows130:472
28.Team no430:511
29.Team TWA631:171
30.Crazy Cajuns431:191
31.Telles we nguyen731:243
32.Nicholas Cage's Christmas Tree531:511
33.Team Daily madigain432:001
34.Team Kevin M632:013
35.Team Aaron P532:120
36.Team Katie’s Strugglebus632:211
37.The Code Krackers632:250
38.The Spades532:262
39.Team Patrick232:370
40.I Can’t Believe We Did This in 33 Minutes Holy Shoot Darn532:380
41.3 gays 1 strait432:392
42.G Team 432:392
43.Lil Hotpockets 432:550
44.We Beat the Kids433:001
45.The Untouchabl3s633:144
46.Tuezday Boyz WITHOUT ALEX333:160
47.Team Michael S433:221
48.Team Code233:273
50.Raisinettes 633:280
51.Office products super center @ EVO 633:390
52.Team Denise J733:392
54.Panda escape chelles and the boys 433:430
55.C0D3 BR34K3R5433:520
56.Javelin 333:562
57.Team Code 833:560
58.Team Change Your Password433:583
59.The S##T434:001
60.Blue Falcons434:030
61.Escape room Junkies 634:110
62.Brandon’s boyz634:132
63.Team Vegas Baby534:171
64.Team Mr. Doodles534:333
65.Team What's for dinner????634:341
66.Team J0hn434:400
67.Team MDAKJ534:402
68.Queen Bee 434:432
69.Car RamRod634:452
70.East Meets West534:532
71.Team Columbia234:542
72.Never In Doubt 234:562
73.On the Reel 634:561
74.Team Jess C835:001
76.International Magic Judges535:122
77.Oceans 5535:181
78.Team Code335:230
79.The Will-B-Gones335:241
80.Team Only 10 Minutes235:242
81.The Falcons435:271
83.Ambitious but rubbish 735:391
84.Team Showstoppers 835:402
85.Team Emily K335:430
86.Cowboys and Indian635:441
87.Team Jordyn S235:452
88.Team Bob235:511
89.The Special Eds436:002
90.Team Cherry Poppin'436:011
91.Team Jacqueline W236:032
92.Team Pia L236:153
93.Pass The Courvoisier836:202
94.Bad Puns236:222
96.Team Hacker 436:251
97.Team Unstoppable 436:281
98.Mad Haz636:312
99.Team Fierce 5-0636:340
100.Aslime 136:371